What is a Charter Community School?


A Charter Community school,” is both an educational institution and a community center. Our Charter Community school is an alternative option to a traditional public high school and gives students a choice in their education. In addition to academics, SunEd High Charter Community school provides family support with Family Education Services. SunEd High offers our community opportunities for youth and their families to create a healthier community.

At SunEd High, we represent collaboration between Broward educators, community leaders and parents. SunEd High is a teacher-led, student-driven community high school open to all Broward students. SunEd High has everything a typical high school offers and so much more. View the chart below to compare SunEd High to a traditional public high school. Where do you want to be?

As of 2017,  over 3 million students attend a community charter schools in the United States.