Hello Parents, Guardians, and Students,


Welcome to another great year at SunEd High School of Broward and North Broward! We are very excited to have each and every one of you to share this journey with us as we continue on our path to becoming a school of excellence! We are very proud of the “at your pace” safe atmosphere we offer which allows many students to catch up, recover credits, increase GPA and graduate faster! All it takes is effort and commitment from the student!

As you know, the year has gotten off to a great start. With the purchase of Reading Plus and the addition of Scantron Progress Monitoring Tools, the school has the ability to increase Reading Scores even more than before. Reading is a crucial component in education and is the underlying major skill for every subject. Therefore, increasing Reading skills is our major focus. Qualified students receive remediation in Reading skills everyday. However, the additional practice received through the Reading Plus program has proven to improve Reading skills and student success on required assessments. We are very excited to offer this program this year to our students!

Parent involvement and participation in the education process has proven to yield higher student success rates. Therefore, we encourage all of our parents and guardians to become our partners in helping the students at SunEd achieve success academically, socially, and behaviorally. We welcome your input and feedback throughout the school year. Please make sure we have your email and correct contact numbers and keep posted as we send out many emails, flyers, and newletters during the school year. Our mentors and administrators also make many phone calls weekly regarding progress, events and assistance. We look forward to talking with you regarding your child’s experience here at SunEd.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to give us a call!

Your Principal,

Ms. Tammy Lara, Lead Principal
Director of Education
SunEd High of North Broward
Margate Campus
954-246-4004 School