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SunEd High – Bringing Education into the 21st Century.

Traditional high schools are about round pegs fitting into round holes. Everyone’s day starts and ends at the same time. Everyone takes the same core classes. Everyone moves from room to room when the bell rings.

But what if you’re not a round peg? What if your life has edges that set you apart? At SunEd, our belief is that education should fit you – not the other way around. We understand that not everyone has the luxury of starting their day at the same time. Or even starting the school year the same month.

Our students desperately want to learn so that they can lead productive adult lives and get ahead in the world. But school may not be their only priority. Many have jobs. Some need to help their families. A number are pregnant or have children. Or they have special needs that require unique approaches, including accelerated learning and language assistance.

Traditional high school models tend to leave behind anyone who does not fit into their “box.” But at SunEd, there is no box. You choose when your day begins. You choose when your year starts. We help you design a curriculum around your individual interests and abilities.

And at the end of it all, you get a real high school diploma. But first you have to enroll.

Don’t Settle For A GED... Earn A State-Recognized High School Diploma. We Are Your Alternative!

  • Shorter Day
  • Flexible Scheduling – AM/PM Sessions
  • Work At Your Own Pace With No Distractions
  • Ages 15–21 (Grades 9-12)
  • A Fun, Exciting Leaning Environment Without the Typical High School Drama
  • Tuition-Free Year Round Classes
  • Free BCT Bus Pass
  • State-of-the-Art Computer- Based Curriculum Delivered in a Blended Learning Environment
  • Enroll Year Round
  • Secure & Safe Classrooms
  • Small School with Personalized Attention
  • Licensed, Highly Qualified Teachers Who Care About You
  • One On One Mentoring
  • Special Programs for ELL & ESE

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Maybe traditional high school did not work out for you. But that does not mean that you cannot receive an education. That does not mean that you cannot work towards getting a great job and having a healthy, happy, productive life. Enrolling at SunEd High is the first step towards achieving the future you have always wanted.

Start your journey today!

A Florida Charter School That Understands the Importance of a State-Recognized Diploma

SunEd High
Mission Statement

The mission of SunEd High is to provide our students with a safe and nurturing learning environment that will help them achieve their goals–both academically and personally. We believe that by working with families and the community, all students can achieve their maximum potential. We are committed to working together to provide each student with the best possible education while instilling in every student the belief that they can succeed and become responsible, contributing members of society.

In the past, students who couldn’t make it as “traditional” high schools may have been forced to live as dropouts, struggling to find jobs without a high school education. At best, they might have gotten GEDs.

Unfortunately, statistics back this up: only 15% of all GED recipients who go to college earn a degree, compared to 65% of those who enter college with a high school diploma.

Want more numbers supporting the importance of a diploma?

  • High school dropouts typically earn $18,900 annually
  • High school graduates earn $26,105 annually
  • College graduates earn $45,500 or more annually

That’s why SunEd High presents our graduates with a real high school diploma upon graduation. It’s also why we provide on-on-one mentoring, college planning, career counseling and vocational learning where students can learn job interview skills and build their resume.

Students who enroll here will find an approach that mixes the knowledge necessary to survive and thrive in the real world with encouragement and guidance on how to push past perceived limitations.

SunEd is an Cognia-Advanced Accredited Charter High School

SunEd High is Conveniently Located in Broward County

To make educating Broward-area students even more flexible and convenient, SunEd High a conveniently located Broward County campus to make your commute as quick and easy as possible.

Fort Lauderdale Campus

2744 Davie Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
Behind McDonalds
(954) 284-7000

Margate Campus

1117 Banks Road
Margate, FL 33063
Banks Rd & Coconut Creek Pwy - Next to DMV
(954) 246-4004

Job Counseling, Career Planning and College Visitation

Our Career Counselors are Ready to Help You

  • Explore Job/Career Choices
  • Plan How To Get A Job
  • Help Find Job Openings
  • Locate Financial Aid for College

College Visitations

Each month, the Career Coordinator arranges visitations to surrounding colleges as well as in school presentations by representatives of each college. Let your Career Coordinator know which college you are interested in so a visit may be arranged for you!

Every student receives an Individual Academic and Career Plan (IACP) that will be determined by their academic needs and career goals. Once school starts, you will partake in a mix of academics, workplace instruction and experience, and social skills preparation. Your “classes” will consist of individual computer work, small group sessions, independent work and, of course, one on one tutoring will be provided if and when needed.

Our Caring Faculty & Staff Is Dedicated To YOU!

At SunEd High, Our Students Are Our Number One Priority!

At SunEd High, our teachers are highly qualified, motivated and dedicated to ensuring you make the most of your educational experience. Education is the stepping stone to your successful future. Our caring faculty at SunEd High sets us apart from the rest. Not only are we dedicated to your academic achievements, but we also strive to provide you with the best opportunities to help you grow academically and emotionally.

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